Wednesday, 31 July 2013

throat bandha

breathing words, eyes made of crystal, the seclusion to actually focus, lost another poem, messy love bath, a quality of self, sitting towards legs on top of legs eyes gazing into the other, need to back out to see it better, the timbre and flux, this thing there i can't wrap my arms around completely, i'll touch you from here, separated by what?, bawled on that image, actually responsive and sharing that with you, the feeling when i pass my eyes over words, probability amplitudes, transmission of this quality remotely, choosing where to put the word, burning skull on my leg, that space is real estate?, being in a tube and you're being kneaded, code for: i'm sorry, barefeet sponging on moss, of course i see you but the limitations are apparently obvious, approfondment, june was just hammer hammer hammer hammer hammer, selfing prayer, this is the situation, get dérive-ing, anything to take seriously at one point, which brush, creation of a new vocabulary, going down the throat of the blossom all covered in pollen, we can share our gifts with each other, here i am throwing these images out to you, lovely these, but you know that, a little room to be in, words pointing to what isn't, bring me back still, looking for the looker, the absorption quality of flesh, feeling weak to the magnitude of this, it's only always, birthdays are for mothers born days are for offspring, it's quite something, what did you say again about "it isn't what you'd call a 'human quality'", made a new tool to pierce the membrane from inside, throat bandha, don't just stand there help her up, princess of disks, how are your lumbars?, coming back for all of you, let me crawl inside, let me crawl all over you , it's all difference so there is no appearance, rocking pelvis, i can't get this thread out, of course we will cry, sun drying hair, ok, it doesn't even look like a word after a while, please hold this mirror up, press into it it's soft, the most comfortable receiving thing of all,