Sunday, 8 December 2013

the world is coming out of your body

justn'typing time, i like it when you like it, dreaming communion, want control?, get dead, your own personal cage, this is the thing, the pain of colonialism goes to the impossibility of regulating desire, people in cages, expression or somatization, this is when tantrums actually work, give or take a word, uploading takes time, i keep making things, nao se preocupe, send a sticker, maybe you have maybe you haven't, need a thoracic rub, our arms melted and twisted together my right and his left as we sat together under a canopy of leaves, more kombucha, this kind of thingy, sitting doing something, symbol that represents technology, fermented things are like that, i never want to hear your voice again as long as i live, truther, you will never get what you want if you don't ask, sexual shame and shame around desire requires that you develop a pathology, not teasing, i really mean it, the world is coming out of your body, tasted the best, slayage, no that's healthy, the relationship between acceptance and unconsciousness, don't act, if i need it it will be there, and and andndanadnadad dadad dada, nothing does everything, aligning with the mess that you are is perfection, love makes loveoh right - mountain,

Friday, 22 November 2013

practicing cow

silk thread coils, the personality structure that cannot support this, appearances appearing important, maybe satelliting is the only way, protection of solitude, super big bags of nothing, your friends may not be from your neighbourhood, the remoteness of true intimacy, black leather pouch,
swollen face in the morning, i need a plan, the feeling of nothing, bags for stuff, the obvious, i wanted the best for me finally, wow that cord dissolved before my eyes, pictures from around the world, suspiro, dysfunctional dysfunction, that is changing me, time before coffee, what is a spelling mistake?, bowls as stand-ins for my head, facebook brand everything, the new #howdoyoublockthisemail? stadium downtown, ihonestlydon'twantanythingtodowithyouanymore avenue, temporal rules, variations on a theme, people everywhere want to be your friend, coughed out a chunk of that architechture, crystalweb kiss, the impossibility of neurotypicality, i am ok with having less anxiety sometimes, just waiting, practicing cow, all the flesh detaching from inside the shell, endometrial red#2, attention is the only true currency, foundational economic structure, reality communicates to reality, words are souvenirs, you will die eventually, framing device, just squeeze it, might as well be you as no one else can, non- savoury uses for avocadoes, experience of unpopularity, patacake, patapoem, i can barely spell anymore, rub my spine, all kinds of people involved in the re-education of themselves,

Saturday, 7 September 2013


all my best guesses, self care, relationship to hell, shiftless wonder, watching what happens when you don't help out, the nothing feeling, remote viewing, copy that copy, closet children, 5 strategic questions, scratched too hard, i wake up and it just looks like that, when mommy wants more, clip it here, banal juices, mouth my mouth, bhakti style, judgement suspension addiction is a form of constipation, go in there and really look at it, might as well before you die, what can go wrong?, a style is a style is a style, the impossibility of avoiding pain, the parts that feel they are speaking directly to you, there is no wise, shoulder blade points, hood ornaments, pillows made of donuts, drawcansir, the time it takes to waste time, i need all the love i can get, the roles we play, ithyphallic cluster, word licks, eye whispering, vertical filaments, the pleasurable nature of irritation, you don't get to choose anymore, the days when i painted the nails of strangers in montreal, poetry straights, who you gotta know to get things done?, this thing that has made everyone a form of currency, the embodiment of boiling, sense parade, dopamine structure, the burden of reconciliation, one part watching the other part fall apart, apart mental, drawing for a living, saudade, greasy mirror, paper grease, cow in a pen, zetetic, bowl filled box, institutional face, morriƱa,