Saturday 16 August 2014

everything in the entire world

that looks good, those gaping holes, north noding,
black kyanite, itdidn'thurtthatmuch brand, opalescent orange, lumpy carpet gang, just use a mirror, cameras take pictures of your vision using your eyes, holding that position as long as you possibly can, kelp tea, it has to get that bad sometimes, i lost the list, years of self discovery, the bonds are neuro-chemical, seriously it isn't even real, some kind of thing, what you plan on buying, you are kneaded, if i was into promotion, the word unbearable, melting shelves, all things being equal there is no such thing as equality, child free time for mothers, the level of discomfort at any given time, insane vacuum, fed on paranoia and hormones, it really was a fountain of tears, inperceptable closeness, imagining things for yourself, a goodwill pillow, google: photons, the itchy lips were likened to the times, not trained for love?, it is against it, mutual reciprocal wounding, everything in the entire world, the way fear acts within every individual system, that smell, it is happening to you, the container dissolved, weird overlappy things, you may have to sit there and let it die, the opposite of thought is:, telepathy is proto language, yah it is real, holding onto something, it worked regardless of your level of understanding, too many texts, it felt like a bath of gold, i may be repeating myself, all that tugging made no difference, the ghost here smokes, put the pill in the food, mc yoga, they watered until it ran dry, different things for different reasons, consuming positions, i keep forgetting to do this,

Wednesday 25 December 2013

hexa octo whatever

i don't know what i can tell you, mega yin and mega yang, more salty taste, the value in that is it's inherent risk, people who don't feel the need to lie all the time, super ego's r us, lots of images to process, watching myself type this, i don't always only write in the morning, tight clothes, chaffed areas, balm melting as your finger gouges the center of the pot, hard plastic, electrically generated sounds, it's that thing, pulsing frequencies, jam on bagel, what does that mean, what do they want?, i don't understand, levels of imagery, layered metaphor, compersion commune, glands and the fluids they excrete, we like that, we like to see what our bodies can do, a lifetime spent trying to control it, the manufacturing of shelter, cow needs cover, you are a form of instrument, get used to it, omg that tastes good, amplifying rhythms and the edges on when they lose coherence, looking in on the edges that separate one form the next, stepping back and it appearing unified, hexa octo whatever, nothing is right or wrong, discomfort is imbued with information for self correction, some people have to be willing to destroy aspects of them selves to model for others their ability to endure beyond the constraints of what the felt they needed to survive at one point, the stretching feeling, holding these gifts looks like sharing, more cream, talented practitioners operate within ethical guidelines, it may only look good on paper, the room lit right up with the stream coming from within my mouth, repeating phrase, nothing does everything, we can put it in my obituary, i don't want to pretend that anymore, one to many relationship, keep the copper mirror polished, twisted up and down knotted threads, your self worth dependent on your ability to contribute to a false economy?, what it feels like to be the river and the dam, a life spent hiding from nothing except your own self exposure back on your self,  if you don't know how to navigate the terrain then you need to learn or work with others who do, my left arm extended outward with an open palm, it comes to you faster than you can run from it, don't worry, feel what way anymore?, disrupted narratives seen as opportunities, overflowing cup in hands, opening at the top of your head, gold entering through the heart, map the binaries until you realize they are spinning and plotting them is like holding your breath, decisions are creative,

Friday 20 December 2013

this is how i roll

that word, sitting back on it, buckets and bowls of it, people who have to act like they have nothing to do with you, backchannel method, lua cheia, left the cap off, need to pick those things up to clean under them, i can't think of a stupider way of doing things, my ears are plugged, endure this neglect, i stretched enough to hold all this and that, all the stories that people tell you, all the things you have a difficult time parting with, rip your own band-aid off, nothing fancy going on here, clear crystal sphere resting in the center of my head, soft cow, noodles, relative safety, dogma and what it does for you, i'll take the pictures if there is nobody else around to take them, it isn't personal it is neuro-chemical, i still don't know what that means again, no she's sleeping, self-musing, rose petals falling on marble stairs that descend into the ocean, trust me it isn't called aoneway street, virtual holidays never made manifest, it's portuguese, married to that blue geyser inside me already, i'm hungry, guess i need to change my settings, if she is scared there will be no milk, i looked over the seats at them and said they look dead, you want to make love, 'that's ok' brand, you won't want to stop making love, you just want to fuck and fuck and fuck and fuck, that sphere isn't going anywhere, hold still while i point the blue part of the rainbow into your eye, this is how i roll, open wide, sometimes you get to be that other person's last straw, ticklish laughs, the story where nobody get's their needs met, the need for solitude, find out what is true and operate from that place, sometimes i can see you sitting right next to me, when i went outside to look my whole mailbox was stuffed, you can suck from her tit and she'll lick your bum clean, feeding and cleaning, the whole point of dying without regret is that you live into the things you want for yourself now whatever they may be, store for people who think they need things, complete utter total denial toothpaste, fears fence freedom, you can do whatever you want in your mind, i can see, you aren't here to not affect others, we are all shaping each other, giant four sided pyramid in the middle of a modern city, stuff flying everywhere, nice isn't helping anyone,

Sunday 8 December 2013

the world is coming out of your body

justn'typing time, i like it when you like it, dreaming communion, want control?, get dead, 
your own personal cage, this is the thing, the pain of colonialism goes to the impossibility of regulating desire, people in cages, expression or somatization, this is when tantrums actually work, give or take a word, uploading takes time, i keep making things, nao se preocupe, send a sticker, maybe you have maybe you haven't, need a thoracic rub, our arms melted and twisted together my right and his left as we sat together under a canopy of leaves, more kombucha, this kind of thingy, sitting doing something, symbol that represents technology, fermented things are like that, i never want to hear your voice again as long as i live, truther, you will never get what you want if you don't ask, sexual shame and shame around desire requires that you develop a pathology, not teasing, i really mean it, the world is coming out of your body, tasted the best, slayage, no that's healthy, the relationship between acceptance and unconsciousness, don't act, if i need it it will be there, and and andndanadnadad dadad dada, nothing does everything, aligning with the mess that you are is perfection, love makes loveoh right - mountain,