Friday, 2 August 2013

smelly sound

i can't help this any more than you can help that, running downhill, stop being a fish, amyg, front cort, cereb, tie them all together with some lovely crystal string, more paper mache, that makes good kohl, gunk that wants to creep on you, symbolizing both aspects actually, time for a break, smelly sound, containers don't even exist, self conscious authenticity, shiny shiny shiny mirror, your face will stay that way, the core of online clarity, all the richness diluted, the purity of the form, neti neti - ish, pocket of pus inside the brain even, stop signing me in, the bi sexual nature of everything, orange paper, what comes out through the understanding of things, boycott everything until they stop, little bluelight flashing in the corner of the right eye, hey gimme that, the ears are working differently now,