Friday, 19 July 2013

nothing pusher

these poems cry me, shhhhh, air on it and pink and poking out, yes, just caving to itself, raw feelz, you know this because you recognize it in yourself, the subtlety of this cannot be communicated at a distance, literally will have to touch me to understand, the delicacy of this tenderness, yes, i get a feeling of what it isn't that is you, no work just to share what i am, a crack in the sternum, my heart, these covers smell good, ditch the shell, it's hard to sit up straight, all these 0's and 1's spelling out the word love, what do you want for lunch then?, i could eat your mouth, what have i done now?, i will take it into me, not hard just direct viewing, piles of food wasting, that career path has been derailed for a while, the favouring of a weaker limb, it honestly changes from one minute to the next, paper bed, less frequency more density, that feeling then spread over my whole entire body, the whole thing gave way, nothing pusher, this is what my practice looks like, it is not a not love situation, attention in these areas, i am available to have questions asked of me, this is devotional, there is a kitchen in every home, a yellow construction paper circle, tucked my hair down the back of my dress, what happened then?, where did you go?, i am always standing just here, you know this,